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A weird clunk noise ?


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February 8, 2013
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1994 Ford Explorer XLT
So before i installed my lift i had a clunking noise under my driver side. Turns out it was my radius arms after my lift was put on James duff 5.5 with extended radius arms its still there when i go over little bumps im confused . is it still my radius arms or is it my ttb axle bushings. Have got it aligned have tighted every thing up.

Clunking noises from the drivetrain can be the radius arm bushings, but can also be loose wheel bearings, old worn out ball joints, or even from a worn driveshaft u-joint moving around. It'd be rare for a clunking noise to be from the axle bushings unless they were torn up and moving around, or the bolts were loose. Check all the components in the drive system and you'll probably find one of these to be the case.

so went and looked at everything and i think it may still be the radius arms because if you pull forward and stop (pop) and put it in reverse and stop (pop) and when i have a buddy do that i can hold on to the radius arm (left) and it shifts ??? could it be i didnt back out the bolt far enough in the radius arms or that its not straight vertical in the bracket

Sometimes the bushings can be loose on radius arms if the nut reaches the end of the threads before the bushing is as tight as it needs to be to prevent clunking. The solution is to use a large spacer washer between the existing washer and the nut.

I'd think the Duff extended radius arms would already be designed with enough thread that this wouldn't be an issue, especially if they use their own brackets and bushings, but the stuff they make does have such minor annoying issues at times.