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A4LD Bellhousing Bushing Question


August 15, 2007
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Harrisburg PA
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89 Ranger XLT
I have a bellhousing I need to get line bored so the seal doesn't leak and I can't get ahold of Precision Technologies. Anybody know if they're still in business and how to contact them?

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If you have tried reaching them at :

(864) 503-3100 or email us at ptechllp@bellsouth.net

and cannot I don't know what to tell you. There is a West Coast alternative if you need it but it is more expensive.



I got an email from them and the Ph.# changed. The new number is 1-864-574-6101. they're still doing the A4LD bellhousings and the price in $50 + shipping.

Really that is not as bad as i would think it would be on the price.

No complaints on the price from me. however, I should kick myself for tearing my tranny apart. It lost all gears last fall so I bought another one (used) and put it in and it leaks like a sieve. So I thought I'd rebuild the first one. I can find nothing wrong with it causing me to think it was the torque converter all along.

I have all of Glacier's notes on the A4LD rebuild he did. I'm not going to do many mods but I am going to do the bellhousing. I think maybe somebody did the valve body because one spring is white and one yellow.The trans was clean inside and no metal in the pan. I only had the truck about 3 weeks and I lost all gears while just driving down the road.

I haven't done a tranny for years but I did some Torqueflites and a Packard Ultramatic in my younger days and had no problems. I have all of Glacier's info, both ATSG books and the Ford factory A4LD book. I'm open to all tips and suggestions.

I think you have pretty much everything you need then. The FORD manuals are great resources. When I did the Diary I pretty exhaustively researched everythign as of that time.... even though it is a few years now. I do not think there is much if anything new...

Feel free to ask any Q's you may have,

ps. DO try and flush the cooler lines before reinstalling another tranny.


Thanks for the all the work you did on your rebuild. That was quite a project, I throughly enjoyed reading it and have it all on my favorites so I can get to it fast, must have read and re-read the whole thing a dozen times.

I think I can get this done. my only problem is, I'm 65 years old and disabled by spinal arthritis so it will take me some time. My son does all the heavy work and he's a pretty good backyard mechanic.

My truck is still on the road with the used tranny I bought last fall so it's not like I have to do this all in one day. It leaks quite a bit but I check it often. If I don't have too many problems with this rebuild, I may do it after this one is in the truck.

I lucked out last fall in getting a 2.9, A4LD, transfer case, driveline and front bumper ,all for $185. I may do the motor later because mine is pushing 200,000. It still runs great but I'd like to keep the truck forever and I don't want the motor crapping out when I'm ninety years old. The truck is super clean, it must have been kept in a gararge all it's life. I'm not a Ford guy but I do like this truck.