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A4LD was stuck in drive, now no reverse


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October 4, 2006
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Phoenix, Arizona
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94 4x4 Limited
The a4ld in my 94 explorer was running and driving, then I went to shift from drive to park and the shifter wouldn't budge even into neutral. It would drive from OD to D, 2, 1 and back just fine but wouldn't go to neutral, reverse, or park. After running the shifter back and forth a bunch of times it eventually freed up and now goes through all the gears just fine, but I still don't have reverse.

The reverse servo has brand new OEM Ford o-rings on it from when I swapped this junkyard trans in a couple months ago. The only thing that have changed recently is that earlier today I swapped the intermediate servo from my old trans since the one in there had rock hard rubber and made the 1-2 shift difficult. Nothing else was touched.

I have the valve body from the other trans that has a transgo Jr kit in it that I can swap in. I'd like to not have to just parts swap without knowing the issue though. What could cause the shifter to get stuck, then free up and function normally but without reverse?