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ABS Light Still On After Sensor Replacement


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December 19, 2009
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front hubs would be next to check and change

ok, but are the sensors interchangeable?

i believe so bc i have a spare hub in the back of my explorer and it hooked up just fine. but it might not be the sensor thats messed up. could be that your front wheel bearings are going bad and thats the first sign. it happened to me exactly a year ago that i ignored the ABS light and my front right wheel fell off. when the bearing breaks apart fragments of metal are loose and the sensor is nothing but a magnet, so dun dun dunnn there might be your culprit.

Any way to check the hub to see which one is going on me? I can only afford to replace one right now.

Did you clear the ABS code after putting in the new axle sensor?

How do I clear the code? I figured having the neg battery cable off while replacing the sensor was good enough.

I found out the computer checks the ABS sensor every time the key is turned forward. No need to have the code cleared.


I decided this morning to inspect the other sensors to give them a wiggle & clean them if needed. I found the blue wire leading to the speed sensor had a small gash in it. You can see the gash in the bottom section of blue wire. It was still connected - I pulled it apart and slice the rubber back to expose more wire.

After peeling the rubber casing back I was able to splice the blue wire back together and make my professional looking fix ;)

Started her up and...

I replaced the rear speed sensor yesterday & it was looking a little rough so I guess not all is lost in that $20 purchase.
This mornings fix only cost me this -

Don't forget to show those upper ball joints some love!

i was about to say those might need changing here soon. id look into that as well. plus it could never hurt to replace your hubs since on 2nd gens our wheel bearing is packed into the hub. you dont want your wheel to fall off like it did in my case and some others here on the forum. glad you fixed it fairly easily. replacing the hub will come with a new wire like the one that was damaged so theres another idea.

I replaced the hubs 20k miles ago so hopefully they will be good for a while - I did the hub test I found on this website and they are working properly. I'm assuming since the bearings are in the hubs I replaced them both at the same time?

I need bushings for the upper ball joints right? I'm not sure since I just started working on my own vehicles since I have no money anymore. Thanks for the help guys!