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? about abs light being on


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January 16, 2007
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my abs light has been on now for about 3-4 months now.i cleaned the sensors up front,but could not find the ones in the rear.but my brakes work just fine.no pulling,no noises everything seems to be ok.but what i was wondering was with my abs light on at all times,do i still have abs? or is my braking individual braking say certain wheel/wheels?im just curious if all my abs is working properly with the abs light on.

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If your ABS light is on, the braking system has detected some sort of fault with the ABS, and has disabled the system. You currently are running on a standard non-ABS system. I'd suggest going to somewhere like Autozone and having the code read. They usually will read the codes for free.

yea thats what i figured that it would be disabled if the light was on.but actually i own a xcaliber 2 programmer and it does read trouble codes.but when i plug it in and hit read codes,nothing shows up.just when my check engine light comes on sometimes it will pick up 2 codes,p-0171,p-0174 which are bank 1 and bank 2 lean codes.which is a different issue.but i get no code for the abs.

IIRC, the brake codes don't get picked up by most of the hand held programmers like an XCal2 or Predator. I believe you need one of the full blown diagnostic readers to see the ABS codes.

oh ok i guess thats why it dont show up.next time i go to autozone i will have them pull the code for me.when i get it i'll post it on here if they can't tell me what the code is or how to fix it.