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AC Compressor Questions


April 20, 2006
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Syracuse, NY
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'00 EB
My AC will not blow cold. I have a 2000 EB that has never been charged. I noticed the compressor was not coming on at all when the ac was turned on. I filled the system will one can of freon and the compressor started cycling on and off. It still will not blow cold air. The pressure guage from the filling show that the system was full. Any ideas?

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It is likely that the "less than accurate" gauge that you have (probably came with the cans... right?) isn't telling you the whole story. If you system wasn't cycling before, one can is probably not going to make it happen. Lot's of post on AC stuff both here and in the AC / heater forum.

Yup, it came with the can. Do I need more freon?

Probably but again read the stuff in the AC forum.

there is a freon pressure sensor near the filling end. use a jumper wire and connect both wires of the connector wire. turn on AC. if clutch engage it means there is a problem with freon pressure. It might be lekeage but in such a case I would reccomend to go to professionals.


The clutch should cycle. How often is it cycling? Resist the urge to overfill the system, it will damage the compressor. If the on/off times are 2-3 times a minute you should be getting cold air.

Also you will get more help if this is in the AC forum so I am moving it there.

The compressor is cycling several times a minute. It will come on for about 5 seconds and then shut off. It is not blowing cold air at all.

Ok. At 75 - 80 degrees it should cycle 2 to 3 times a minute. Every 5 seconds means the charge is low, still. Here's what I would do....

Add a little rerigerant and see how the cycling changes.... i.e. give it some refrigerant and let it run a few minutes... if more is needed add a little more in sucessive "bites" like this until your compressor is cycling like every 20 seconds or so.... as you do this monitor the vent temps.... once you get to a cycle of about 15 seconds of compressor "on" time you SHOULD be seeing cold air....or something else is wrong....

Try this and let us know how it goes.

Glacier, I am going to give your suggestion a try in the morning. I will let you know how I make out.


I added another 12oz can and that has seemed to do the trick. Two cans total.

The compressor comes on for about 20 seconds. According to the cheap pressure guage I am only getting a very small drop in pressure when the compressor engages. Before, I had a very large drop. The air blows cold, instead of hot! :)

How much R134 can a empty system hold safely? How many cans?