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alternator light/charging system issue


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August 8, 2008
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Monroe, OH
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1993 Eddie Bauer I've got a brand new battery, brand new alternator. Cleaned all of the connections really well, hooked up all of the wires and double checked my work. Belt is not slipping, no frayed wires or anything. Yet I'm still getting an alternator light on the dash and the voltage is not going up at all when the motor is on. I even re-tested the alternator to make sure. Is there something in-line I'm missing, fusible link perhaps? Anyone else have this issue? I've never experienced this much trouble with a charging system. Thoughts appreciated..thanks!

Check the fuses under the hood. There is a fuse under there that will control the alternator. Its a 20-30 amp fuse.


I owe you many thanks....blown fuse....i need a dunce cap

I remember once someone trying to diagnose a o2 sensor code... they were changing parts like crazy ($$$) and came to EF when they had replaced everything and were at a dead end. Someone told them to check the fuse... Take this as a lesson to never forget the obvious, at least you didn't lose any money on the deal. The old alternator probably was bad and blew the fuse...