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Automatic Transmission Modulator Location 2003 Mountaineer


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March 16, 2010
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2003 Mercury Mountaineer
I have done a few search's on here for "Automatic Transmission Modulator" with no luck. Either that or my searching skills are really limited :)

So i decided to post this thread.

I have read threw some of the problem others have had with transmission and shifting related to 4x4 but nothing on AWD vehicles.

I have a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer AWD premier model with the 4.6L v8 that is having issues with slipping between 1-2 gear and 3-4 gear. Also notice it takes about 3-5 seconds to engage reverse when it is cold out but is fine when warm.

My brother was telling me he had the same problem with his 04 explorer and the had to replace some module under the hood and it fixed his problem. After doing a search the only thing I can find related is the Automatic Transmission Modulator.

It shows a couple different types made for the Mercury Mountaineer



So I went out to try and find the location of either of these parts on my Mountaineer and could not find it. Where can I find this at on a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer?

And would this be the part to cure my problem.

Thank you

The modulator doesn't exist on 5r55 tarnsmissions. The last explorer to use that was 1994. Sounds like you have internal trans problem and is probably needs to be rebuilt. The first picture looks like a 4x4 module.