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Auxiliary Fan


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May 24, 2010
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1992/2000 Explorer XLT
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can wire in a auxiliary fan in front of the condenser ? The last mechanic that worked on my A/C wired it to the low pressure switch so the fan came on when the A/C was used. The fan would stay on even after the truck was turn off for about 10 to 15 seconds. This burned up the speed selector switch to the blower motor. Any sugestion would be great. Pics would be helpful.

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I would be interested to see how you mounted the fan on this....I am needing to do this since my a/c system appears to have a condensor airflow issue and have not been sure how I want to mount it. I don't see why you can't use the low pressure switch as long as it is controlling a relay.

The shop that was working on the a/c mounted the fan. They installed the fan for the same reason you are having. The fan helped the a/c system from creating over pressure and blowing the 134a off at the compressor. But wiring the fan to the low pressure switch caused the fan to run after my truck was turned off untill the pressure dropped on the a/c system. Within 24 to 48 hours the fan contoller melted I feel like this was do to the wiring setup. I'll post some pic's of the fan and how it's mounted soon.

have you considered a thermal switch on the condenser? when the condenser hits a predetermined temperature the switch sends a signal out to trip a relay which in turn turns the fan on.

no that never crossed my mind. where can I get one?

Thanks for the info Merrick I'll check it out when I get a day off.

Well, I finally broke down and mounted the electric fan. The fan mounting I did is temporary until I can find some sheet metal to make a good mounting surface for it. I used a Hayden Automotive Thermostatic Controller #3647. I didn't feel I needed the temp sensor as I was more concerned about just having it turn off and on with the compressor. As it stands now, I finished it monday and it has been working great so far. It was about 80F here the other day when I finished and it was running about 35psi Low side and 250psi on the high. I didn't have a thermometer to put in the vent, but it blows cold in while I am stopped and at idle. I used some conduit to run the wires down the right side of the engine bay and just have the relay zip tied to my blower motor wiring. I picked off the compressor power wire at the low pressure sensor for activating the relay and used the blower relay coil power for my switched power source. I also picked up the grounds along that side of my engine bay for my fan ground (used the ground next to the battery), and the the relay ground uses the ground point near the blower just past the power dist box. When I get a chance, I can get some pics and give you a little more detail if you are interested.

I would like to see your set up and do you also have the oil cooler also as I have thought about this same thing for mine but I have the stock extra oil cooler on the drivers side and a BMW stack plate on the pass side so not sure if one will fit in there with out major grill mods. I may have to come up with a tube or mess grill of some kind to get a bit more room behind it. Times like this I wish I had a welder.

Sorry I took a while to respond...been very busy lately. If you have something mounted on the pass side, than my fan placement would not work for you, but if they did mount the fan, then you could probably leave it where they put it.

My setup has been going strong for a week now. My only issue is the cooling is not constant, but works well enough. I think I need to switch to the variable O-tube. As for your electrical setup for the fan, the shop that did it somehow screwed it up.

I am going out of town till tomorrow night and I am getting ready to leave. I will try to make a sketch of the install on a piece of paper with pics tomorrow or Thurs if you still need the info. If not, I may just make a post of my install for future searches for others with this issue. I may still eventually buy a later model condenser and try that, but for now, I stay cold enough.