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Axle code question


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October 24, 2009
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Irwin (Near Pittsburgh) PA
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97 X, 89 Bronco II
I'm doing the 4.0 engine and axle swap. My Bronco is an 89 and the donor Explorer is a 94 X sport but it didn't have the axle ratio that I wanted so I found a 94 X 4dr Eddie Bauer I looked at the door tag before we pulled the axles and it was a D4 which is suppose to be 3.73 Limited Slip. The axle tags were rusted off but I'm pretty the axle donor Explorer are correct. The problem is the axle in my Bronco II looks just like the Dana 35 I pulled from the 94 Eddie Bauer. The axle tag has two rows of numbers. The first row is 3.73 VE87A HB . The second row of numbers are V6 10307-5 Is there anything in any of those numbers that tells me if it is a Dana 28 or 35 I know it's suppose to be a Dana 28 but like I said it looks just like the Dana 35 I pull from the 94 x Thanks for any help

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the d35 is just physically bigger, the d28 in my bII measures about 8" from the top bolt to the bottom bolt on the front cover, i don't know on the tags or the numbering. hope that helps.


Thanks for your help. That link from TRS helped me it says Dana 28 have 12 bolts and Dana 35 have 10 bolts. Mine has 12 bolts so it looks like I'll be changing the axle. Thanks again

i skimmed that article and fig it would have the info you needed, lol i didn't read it thoroughly myself