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B2 d44 swap

Ok, well i am kinda new to this site, and i don't have an explorer. But, i do think this is worth posting here. I met some of y'all at the Truckhaven run in Feb. i was riding along with JoshS and Section525. I really wished i'd hab my bronco down there, o well. As some of you know Section525 recently redid his shop/garage, the sliders we built last weekend are cool, but i decided that we needed a real project to break in his shop the right way. What better way than with a SAS.

Rig: 84 bronco 2, 2.8L 4 spd manual, manual tcase. 37" MTRs, choptop, dovetailed. Had d35 front and still does have the 31spline 8.8 rear swapped in. I was running 37s with a 3" BL only.

New axle: Empty housing temporarily, i just need the carrier installed and it will be good to go. Axle from a 76 EB, disc brakes, custom driverside radius arm and a wristed passenger arm.

The pics:
Little rain as we started, time to get out the easy up.

I'll skip the pics of tearing out the old ttb, everyone knows what that looks like.
New Coil buckets from a 72 f-100 4x4

Sliding the axle in

Hung from the springs with the radius arms mounted

Now, the before:

and after

The crew, Gordon( taco slider guy) Me, my brother and Johnny(Section525)

O yeah, did i mention that we did all this in one day?


February 6, 2006
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Well, since Colin brought this thread back from the dead, i guess i should update it a little.


i painted it, i had the front gears installed. I ordered a doubler adapter kit from D.D. machine. It is no longer dovetailed. I need to start working so i can order some new alloy shafts for the front. Hopefully it should be good to go in about a month.