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blend door or not???


Explorer Addict
June 11, 2000
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Clemmons, NC
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'06 Honda Accord EX-L
It's an easy fix!! It only took me about half an hour to do this. This sure beats $700 to fix this problem.

c-dooxp girl

December 31, 2003
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97 explorer sport
Yes! Yes!Yes!

Well guys I finally fixed it! :bounce: It only took 4 times to drill but it works!
The hardest part is trying to figure out what position to drill the nail mine kept moving ( the silly putty works wonders). The only thing is now when I turn the knob from cold to hot you can hear it moving is this going to blow the motor (actuator)??? I am going to get rid of my X after this problem and a list of many others I vowed never to get a Ford and stupid me did! O well I learned my lesson the hard way! :fart:
Chicks rule!!!!!
C ya ;)


New Member
June 10, 2004
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Indianapolis, IN
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97 Limited
blend door actuator removal

xmas63 said:
This fix restores full functionality in both heat and cold. Did mine about a month ago; still works great!

please help me understand how to get the actuator out.
my daughter's 97 explorer limited actuator seems to be held in by 3 screws.
is there a difference between the 96 and 97?
if so, how do you get the back screw out?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
my daughter will not drive it w/o a/c.

Bill Kemp

Elite Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
April 2, 2000
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Greenville, MI
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98 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD
I put a hack saw blade in the sazall and cut the rear bolt off. I have not replaced the actuator yet so I'm not sure if I will have to glue it in position or if the front two screws will hold it.
Hope to be able to let you know next week.