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Body lift or suspension lift?


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July 23, 2000
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Chicago, Il
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2001 Sport
I have looked into suspension lifts and I know what I need for that. What I want to know is which is better, easiet to install and most durable. I know what is involved in a suspension lift, but I have seen stuff on body lifts and I am curious as to how you actually lift the body to put in the spacers. I have seen body lifts in catalogs for less that a $100 for at least 2" lifts. What about these steering shaft and brake line add ons?

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my opinion

just in my opinion i think that the body lift is just temporary cause you will want more all it will do is settle your urge for a few weeks maybe a few months but you will want more no matter what you think now, its normal and it happens to everyone. once you start you cant stop.
so my advice is get the suspension lift. if you dont have the cash then get the body lift.

Weel I was thinking a body lift(2") and a suspension lift(1.5") with warrior shackles and some front spring spacers, but don't know where to get the spacers. Anybody know?

seen a few

well i have seen a few diff. types of coil spring spacers just at the local auto stores, check there i thinkg they might be under 10 bucks. good luck

2001Sport, you don't need them

You don't need front spring spacers because you have no front springs. You have the torsion bars.

late model lift

i think you can get spacers from superlift and they're easy to make your own but spring spacers won't do much on a ifs torsion frontend. you don't have coils to put spacers under man. all you need to do is crank you torsion bars search the topic, torsion twist. and the warrior shackles are cool for the rear.


Awesome, I haven't even looked under the front wheel wells to see what was up. Thanks for the info and I will search about the torsion twist.