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Suspension lift with a 3 inch body lift


July 13, 2000
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OK I have 3 inch body lift on my 94 2door explorer sport. And I was thinking about a suspension lift also. Can I put a 2.5 inch suspension on with a 3 inch body or do I have to go higher then the body lift and go with a 4 inch suspension?

You will have no problem adding the 2.5 inch lift at all. What size tires do you plan on running???? If you are going to go with 33's I would suggest losing the body lift and getting the 5.5" lift. Just my opion.

I would also like to welcome you to the site. You'll find any and every answer right here. :)

Ray Hutchinson has a 2" body lift and 2.5" Rancho suspension lift and seems to be doing quite well with that combination. He is running 33's with it. You might want to email him and ask some specifics.