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body lifts


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October 13, 2004
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hillsborough, nj
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98 sport
i have a 98 sport i wanted 2 lift it 3 inches someone recomended a body lift i was leaning towards a supsenion lift but i see that they are like 1000 dollars just for the kits but i cant seem to find any body lifts for my year i only find 91-94 and 01-02. doesnt anyone make it for the in between years or did the forget?

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You need the PA-883 body lift for the Ranger.. It cost about $150

Blee1099 said:
You need the PA-883 body lift for the Ranger.. It cost about $150

^^^ Yup thats exactly what you need, then 2" tt & aal and shackles and theres a 2" suspension lift ;)

they make a 4" suspension lift for the 2nd Gen X but they run bout $1600
the Bl is a great way for 2-3"

Would this also work for 4 door explorer? (the lift kit for ranger)

yes, of course.

i just finished doing my body lift, im running 33"s with 1" torsion and stock springs, it rubs at full flex but not around town

so with the bodylift i wouldnt have 2 get longer shocks or anything new

and how much is instalation on a body lift

No you wouldn't need longer shocks, cuz it doesn't affect the suspension. Also, the installation is usually pretty pricey. It would be around $300 atleast for the installation alone. Plus, it might be hard to find someone to install it since it isn't meant for an Explorer. It would prob. cost more just b/c of that even though the only thing that needs to be modified are the bumper brackets.

dude it took me 3 hrs to do all ten body mounts. piece of cake

^^^ yeah what he said

the only prob is the bumper mounts

haha, depends on wether or not you buy the beer :D

It took me and two other people about 8 hours to do mine...not including the bumpers. The front body bolts were horrible....had to cut them. The radiator was a little tricky but not too bad.

mine took three people and 8 hrs. but about 5 of them were for the bumpers.