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BradR's 99 XLT Registry

Well I thought I'd make one eventually.
I made a somewhat of a mini one when I first signed up in my introduction thread, but I didn't know about this whole registry thing back then.

So, I'm Brad, I'm 17, I've had my truck since September 09, I got my license on 9/9/09, I live near Detroit, Michigan.

I've replaced...
Lower ball joints
Every puller under the hood, except for the crank, only to find that it's the whole tensioner assy making that gawd awful squeaking noise.
Rear Diff fluid (pics below)
Trans Filter (also a pic below)
My grill, Billet Aluminum, It's bent, but couldn't beat the price.
Also, black grill (part that wraps around the lights and whatnot.)
CD Player, Kenwood

I also have...
Night shade corners (pics below)
"Cool Blue" Headlight and Foglights (can't tell in pics below)
35% tinted windows in the front, yes they are illegal.
2 12" Rockford Fosgate Subs
800w Lanzar Amp
Kenwood 4 Channel Amp
iTrip for iPod (hate it)

I'm the second owner, my cousin bought it new in February of 2000.
I bought my truck for $1000
- 2 payments of $500
It's from Arizona, the 09-10 Winter will be it's first ever winter.

Now for some pics!



Fresh paint...

Clean, before paint..

Very clean!


I learned this trick from this forum...

Who needs a lift kit when you have one of these! :D


Clean trans pan. :)

another year has passed, and my truck started misfiring last night, cylinder #4, pulled the plug, and oil everywhere...

very sad, can only assume the worst. :(

she now sits with 185,300 miles, and a trans only 8k miles old.

now sure what im gonna do yet, rebuild, replace with 4.0, go 5.0 or just see her go and get my dream f350....

i don't know.

is there any hope?