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Mike's 2000 XLT Registry

My truck is a white 2000 XLT SOHC 4x4 with just under 151,000 miles. I have unfortunately done many things to it that have not been documented, but I will take pictures of them and add them in the next few days/weeks.

My registry, as with all registries will document everything I have done, am doing, and plan to do to my Ex.

I will be somewhat wise and not talk about how little I will modify my ex, because I know I will end up doing exactly that.

On to my CURRENT* plans for the truck (*subject to change):

Purchase-to-date mods/repairs:
1) replaced radiator
2) replaced sagging leaf springs and rusty shackles
3) replaced fuel pump, and fashioned an access panel above the fuel tank for easy future replacement/repair
4) rear shocks (just Monroe's- didn't have much money)
5) replaced leaky front axle seals/ changed fluid in front diff.
6) auxiliary switch panel mounted on center console- still 2 switches unused. Ideas?
7) aftermarket amp and speakers- still need to mount amp under rear seat
8) leds under dash and under rear seats
9) switched to full synthetic and installed amsoil by pass filtration system- http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=382255
10) fm modulator/ iPod charger
11) Fog light mod
12) plugs and wires
13) brown wire mod

Coming VERY soon (more repair oriented):
1) parking brake system overhaul
2) front shocks
3) Rear pinion seal replacement
4) rear axle seals and bearings
5) front bearings/hubs
6) all 4 tie rods
7) Brake overhaul/ paint calipers
8) U joints
9) lower ball joints
10) sway bar bushings and links (maybe disconnects)
11) fuel filter
12) paint trim/ grill

Coming SLIGHTLY less soon: (the fun begins)
1) zaino
2) 3" body lift
3) warriors/TT ?
4) Cat-back exhaust
5) Mac intake
6) Trans, oil, water temp and vacuum gauges
7) Henson tune
8) electric fan
9) undercarriage truck bed coating
10) 32 or 33" BFG's
11) 5.0/ 4406 TOD/ 4r70w swap
12) inverter
13) upper end rebuild on my SOHC
14) upper ball joints
15) kc hilites up front

Pictures in the next 2-3 days

P.S. I love my truck. I want to keep it forever, and I will. I've come to understand the obsession- its a disease. This forum is contagious.