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Caliper bolt


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June 27, 2011
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2003 XLS
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Hey everyone.
Yesterday I had the front end of my truck in the air replacing the front end brake pads.

I was able to replace the drivers side without an issue... but on the passenger side when I went to unbolt the caliper, the bolt free spins, even after keeping the caliper pin flat stationary with an open end wrench.

Anyone have experience with this?
Am I going to have to buy a whole new housing? Or is there a magic trick to get the bolt to unthread?

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Re-reading is the caliper bracket bolt OR the slide pin spinning?

Re-reading is the caliper bracket bolt OR the slide pin spinning?
The slide pin will rotate from side to side depending on how the bolt is turned...

But the bolt itself was free spinning, without unthreading.

You've already removed the driver side caliper pins so you're familiar with them. If the rubber boots are damaged or missing, the pins often get stuck. I'd have replacement pins and boots on hand in case you damage them "prying" them out. Can't locate the rubber boot kit for the pins from NAPA but they are easy to find.

Also make sure to use specific high temperature brake grease. Made the mistake of using chassis grease that gummed up and binded my brake pins after one year. Caused uneven pad wear and an expensive set of brake pads. Permatex Ultra and Sil-Glyde are popular choices and readily available at most larger auto parts stores. Good luck.