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Car not moving when putting in gear


September 10, 2012
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Ford Explorer 2006 - XLT
Hello everyone,

Just here to get an idea from the forum members if they have faced similar problem like me or not.. if yes then how did you deal with it.

I have 2006 Ford Explorer, around 2 weeks back I started my car and put it in Drive but the car didn't move and acted as in Neutral.. even acceleration didn't move it.. after that I shifted the gear to Reverse but still the same.. then i shifted car into manual gears i.e 3, 2 and 1 but the car didn't move at all..
After re starting the car for around 5 to 6 times I shifted transmission to D and put the pedal to the metal until the car moved with a big jerk and then it drove around normally without any jerking or any other issue..

I showed it to my mechanic and he also drove around and as per him it was all normal and nothing to be worried for..

Last night same thing happened and it again got back to normal after putting the pedal to the metal for around 10 to 15 secs..

Only one thing that i noticed prior and after this issue is that the car was vibrating alot even in Neutral as if something is lose and engine is trying its hard to lockup with the transmission. .

Now its a huge story but if anyone has faced such an issue or has any idea on what to do and what to check will be very helpful...
I dont wanna go for the transmission build as if now..

I'd go first into the very basics. Checking fluid level, depending on the mileage replacing the fluid and filter. Debris may be lodging into the solenoids and preventing them from working.

I would definitely clean the battery terminals and all the grounds you find.

I would also read the codes to see what the PCM tells you. Depending on what OBD reader you get access to, I would also check for proper operation of the range sensor.

Last would be to take it to a tranny shop to check if the bores are not worn out or if the Pump Flow Control Valve is not sticking and preventing proper fluid pressure to shift into gears.