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Cell Phone/Stereo Mute


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May 18, 2002
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I have an LG TM510 cell phone, and i have a hands-free car kit, that plugs into the cigarette lighter, has a built in speaker, and a mic wire. This kit has NO cell phone mute lead, nor can i find a kit that does.

I have a Blaupunkt Casablanca CD50 stereo, that has a telephone mute lead on the back, as well as auxillery sound inputs. The telephone mute lead works simply by grounding it (ex. to chassis ground).

Does anyone have an idea on how i might connect this phone up to my stereo in order to mute it when i make cell phone calls?? Moreover, if i could get the cell phone sound to play through the car speakers, that would be great.

I don't mind taking apart the hands free kit to get at the wires, since the cord that plugs into the phone runs right into the speaker module, and so i should have access to all of the wires that connect into the phone.

Any ideas on the subject would be greatly appreciated! ! !

Peripheral Interfaces made a device that you would put inline with the power source that would sence the current draw go up when the phone rings that would give a negative pulse to activated the phone mute on the radio. I do not know if they still make it, check there web sight.