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changing oil this weekend..what brand do u recommend?

I was using Mobil 1 before i switched to Valvoline Max Life. Together with the Valvoline Max Life, i also had to use a different filter (not one that i would like to), because my regular filter was out of stock. When i start her up in the mornings, i get a little ticking for a few seconds. I don't know whether it's the oil or the filter, but i'm planning to find out by using the same oil with my regular filter on my next oil change. Obviously, my lifters are not getting oil fast enough on cold starts.

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I would guess that its the oil filter. It sounds like it might not have a anti-drain valve that the motorcraft one does.

Re: Thanks...

Originally posted by DocVijay
As most know, most of the wear in an engine is on startup in the first few seconds of grinding when the oil is cold and doesn't flow very well. The synthetics do flow better when the engine is cold, and thus lubricate the engine sooner. This will yield an overall increase in engine longevity. Whether it's worth it or not is up to each person. I'll just keep using my Mobil 1.

I'm with you, Doc. I personally use Mobil 1 in my X. The CR test reminds me somewhat of the million mile test BMW did several years ago (sponsored by Mobil 1). They took a 3-series Bimmer, strapped it to an outside dyno, and ran it for a year. They never shut it off except to change oil (Mobil 1, naturally). Under these conditions, the oil was changed probably about every 12-15,000 miles. They racked up a million miles, opened up the motor and proclaimed that all tolerances (except one, I forget which) met factory specs.

However, I include this not to discredit Consumer Reports. This is probably the only objective report ever done on various motor oils. Conclusion is that brand doesn't matter. They do leave open the question about synthetic vs conventional oil.

So getting back to the original question, one shouldn't ask what brand to use, but rather should one use conventional or synthetic oil.

wow...did you open a can of worms!

There is probably nothing more hotly debated than what oil or gas to use!

I have always used Castrol 10W-30 in my 95 Explorer. 129k miles later and no troubles.

I also use it in my 91 Ranger. 175k miles on it and no troubles, either.

just a suggestion...check out Castrol,


PS: stay away from ALL of those additives...I've tried them all in other vehicles and they're a total waste of money!

stay away from ALL of those additives...I've tried them all in other vehicles and they're a total waste of money!

Yep, Ive tried them too.

Hey PLRBEAR, I agree that your symptoms are almost certainly due to the filter. There's some great info on the web about oil filters and the crap that some big name companies put out there is shocking....FRAM.

The choice you make in a filter is more important than the oil. But the consumer reports test is unsatisfying. I'm sure all of us want our engines to last a lot longer than 60k. I would have liked to see them dyno the engines before and after and report MPG. Synthetics will yeild more power and mileage.

I could be wrong but...I've always heard that it is unwise to switch to a synthetic oil on a high mileage vehicle. Is this true? He said that his vehicle has 107k miles on it.

Another urban myth. In the early days of synthetics, there were problems with leaking around gaskets and seals. Today's synthetics have excellent additive packages that help keep the seals and gaskets in great shape. If it's already leaking, it will leak even better with synthetics because they flow better than dino. I switched my Honda Accord over to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and ATF at 148,000 miles with no problems and no leaks.

Still Love Mobil 1