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Chato's '98 V8 Mountaineer SAS build

Well I'm picking up a '83 Jeep Wagoneer Dana 44 this weekend so I figured I'd start my build thread now and use this to ask for suggestions and questions I may have from here on out.

Back story:
I originally bought the Mountaineer for $300 to v8 swap my '90 Ranger but the condition of it won me over and the extra interior room did as well. So now I'm in the process of trying to sell my Ranger and using those funds to SAS the Mountaineer.

Build plans:
-5.5" EB coil springs
-4.88 or 5.13 gears (still up in the air deciding what to go with this will be my DD to and from work and weekend off roader)
-37" tires on 17 steel wheels
-1 ton Chevy tie rod ends with custom DOM .250 wall tubing
-lockers front and back (thinking Aussie front and Detroit rear but still open to suggestions since it will be a DD)
- keep the 6x5.5 front bolt pattern and adapters in the rear to save money or just convert to 5x5.5 all around?
-Manual transfer case swap (thinking 4406)
-4.6L front driveshaft and Expedition rear
-Ballistic Fab coil brackets w/ radius arm mounts (just got to figure out shock mount options)
-Custom front bumper w/ winch mount
-Custom rear bumper with hitch, tire carrier and fuel carrier
-Interior slide out cabinets to store supplies and tools, interior mounted hi-lift jack, shovel and Fiskars axe in the cargo area
-Custom roof cargo rack with LED light bar
- On board air using 12v Smittybilt 5.6 CFM compressor(wired for pressure switch) and frame mounted air tank
-Custom skid plates

I'm looking forward to starting this project and hope my Ranger sells as fast as possible and start buying most of the parts.

After more research I found out the Dana 44 has vacuum disconnect which isn't going to work for me. Oh well might just go full widths and a deep offset to tuck the tires in as deep as possible

You can only go so deep with offset. I used straight radius arms and didn't put a bend in them to help clear the tires. My 35's rub at full lock and I need a 6" flare to cover the tires. My inspection tires are 30" tires on Suzuki samurai wheels, which are 5.5" wide, and I had to clearance my caliper with a grinder to clear the wheel. Those put my fender flares down to 3". I don't know what your laws are there, but in pa 3" is the max fender flare allowed.

Picked up the first piece of the SAS puzzle today. It's a HP Dana 44 HD out of a '79 F250. I decided to go full width and convert the Dana 44 to 5x5.5, F250 calipers, Dodge rotors and F150 wheel hubs. The rear will have a Sterling 9.75 (99-03) trussed. I sold the Ranger and bought a cleaner '99 Mountaineer in a color I actually like( not red) so the '98 is now for sale. I plan on tearing into the Dana real soon and look for a 4406



Dana 20 t case swap is easy and no slip yoke. 5.5" coils will be huge.