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Colorado Colors Run 2000 Lodging and Camping Info

Ray, the other Colorado Run thread is getting a lot more hits than this one so I am going to try copying your last message to get it on the other thread also. I could move it, but I think it needs to stay on this one too.



KOA Cabin

Has anyone tried to reserve a KOA cabin and not been able to? I think I will be giving up my reservation - since my dad is flying in to Albuquerque, it will be easier to motel it than camp it. We are going to stay at the Ridgeway Super 8 (same place Ray Hutchinson and family are staying.)

If anyone wants my reservation, let me know soon.

28 days and counting .................

Just wanted to say that Char and I are also staying at the Super 8 in Ridgeway. It's a short hop from Ridgeway to Ouray and only a couple blocks away from True Grit.