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Colorado Colors Run 2000 Lodging and Camping Info


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March 2, 2000
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Hello Everyone!
This is Christine, Wabbit's better/other half :). I'll let you decide for yourselves later. Ok, here is some lodging info for all of you that are planning the trek to Ouray over LaborDay weekend.


Matterhorn Motel (970)325-4938
Rates range from $75-$108 per night. The higher rate reflects a family of 6.

TimberRidge Motel (970)325-4856
Rates range from $60-$95 per night. The higher rate is for a kitchenette. This place is your basic room. Nothing fancy here.

Box Canyon Motel (970)325-4981
Rates range from $95-$145 per night. The higher rate is for a kitchen suite and there are a few family units that sleep 6. Nicer place with hot-spring pools on the premise.

Ridgeway-about 10 miles from Ouray.

Super 8 (970)626-5444
Rates range from $73-$94 per night. Basic Super 8 with indoor pool.

Montrose-about 35 miles from Ouray. (our home town)

Super 8 1-800-800-8000
Rates: 1 person $44
2 people $56.59
3 people $61.09
4 people $65.59
This is for a group rate, so if you decide to make reservations here, mention the "Explorer Group". Hot tub and they do permit pets.

San Juan Inn 1-888-681-4159
Rates: 1 person $52
2 people $69
This also is a group rate, so once again, mention the "Explorer Group". Indoor pool, hot tub and pets permitted. They only have about 15 rooms left as of this morning (6/13).

This is just a few that I called on, but, I'm also including a few links for Ouray and Montrose. Most of the motels/B&B's are listed.


Ouray KOA (970)325-4736
Montrose KOA (970)249-9177
TimberRidge Campground (in Ouray) (970)325-4523
Ridgeway State Park (about 15 miles from Ouray)
1-800-678-2267 Note: I was told they book up fast here and the line may be busy because of that. Probably need to call on this one quick.
Dead Link Removed

Added bonus in Ouray-a public hot springs pool. For a minimal fee you can enjoy a relaxing soak and utilize the shower facilities as well.

Because Ouray is a small tourist town, you will find the rates to be slightly higher here. Montrose is about a 45 minute drive to Ouray, but, you will find the motel rates to be a little bit more reasonable.

Hopes this helps. I really look forward to meeting you all. See you then.

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Thanks for your Help!


make that two more!

We will be there(my fiance and I), looks like we will be moteling it, but if enough people would like to camp we will cancel the reservations. Gerald, what do you think, wanna take the drive together?
Let me know.
Rod G.
Austin Texas

That's some great info. Thanx for you work putting that together. We'll be staying at one of the motels. Showers, comfy bed, etc. Also good to see a couple take pets. We'll be bringing our Lab. :)



Has the group "officially" settled on Ouray?? Ouray sounds fine with me, but have we even established the area (trails) were going to travel?? Rick, what say you??

I visited a few websites other than the ones listed above and essentially I have found the following about Ouray:

There are 22 Hotels / motels in Ouray.

I rejected 6 because of either cost, layout, or they are really just small B&B's.

9 advertise prices on the i-net. The range is $50 to $100 per nite: We will be going in the highest rate season.

Christine reported on 1 that didn't post info on the net (The Matterhorn Motel)

That leaves 6 that we don't know much about:

1. Antlers Motel, 407 Main St, Ouray 970-325-4589
2. Elkhorn Log Cabins, 1904 N. Main St, 970-325-0431
3. Ouray Cottage Motel, 414 Main St. 970-325-4370
4. Ouray Chalet Motel , 510 Main St. 970-325-4331
5. Polly's Riverside Inn, 1805 Hi-way 550, Ouray 970-325-4061
6. Red Mt, Lodge, 1510 Main St. 970-325-4087

Does anyone know anything about any of these. Like most of us we feel : Basic is OK, clean is a must, and Most important, they must have lots of parking. Some of us will be trailoring our Explorers so we will need long spaces for the tow vehicles and trailers. Also the hotels must be tolerant of us working on (repairing and servicing )our rigs each night. We got lucky both in Truckhaven and Moab this year with the accomodations. Both hotels where the group "based" were pretty understanding, though we tried to be quiet and not to leave a mess, yet many don't hotels like our pounding out major dents and car parts scattered everywhere. Ruins the ambience for the flatlander tourists :)

I also believe that it is good if we can keep the group pretty much housed together as we have in past runs. Makes communicating plans changes, sharing tools and skills, dealing with emergencies, etc. much easier. Also makes for a more cohesive group on the trail.

I don't want to step on any toes, as I know some have "grabbed the bull by the horns" ( a good thing) and found info, made some reservations, etc. , But I think we should get an "official" proclamation from Rick as to which town we will be based in.

Also If Christine and Wabbit don't mind I can call some or all of the 6 unknowns on my list above. Once again, don't want to step on toes, just trying to help out! I can post what I find here.

It seems these details are being addressed in the original string. We put this one with the lodging info in a seperate post to make it easy to find. Thanks for adding to the options list.
From the other string, it looks like Ouray will be "base camp" but I'm not one to make the call here. We just listed a few options for lodging, in Ouray, Ridgeway, and Montrose.
Rick and Char will be here this coming weekend so that should help in making some "solid" determinations.
Look forward to meeting you...

CO Lodging

Warren (wabbit),

OK, thanks, I wsn't sure if that area was where Rick & Char were going ,or not. (Esp. after seeing his note about using a VW )! :)

I may just call the six "unknowns" to get a feeling, and when a good decision comes down, If it happens to be Ouray, we can move on it. Maybe if they hit the Ouray area they can eyeball some of the lodging places. I also got similar lists on Montrose , Ridgeway, Silverton. and Telluride (not much in T-ride). I don't know much about that part of CO, (only made a "flying" trip thru many years ago) and my schedule doesn't look like I can scout it out very well anytime soon).

As I tried to say in the post above, don't want to step on the toes of those who have shown initiative, I think it's great that you guys are gathering info, and the campers seem to be circling in on the KOA, but I sensed that maybe some of us hotellers (not you warren and Christine) were jumping the gun to make reservations without thinking it completely through. Of course, reservations made this early can always be changed. Its just that experience with "Ultimate Explorations" trips and other groups makes me believe that things just work better if we're not too scattered about. In Moab we had it down to 1 campground and two hotels that were pretty close together. You could find folks and pass the word on changes much easier ...these trips seem to be pretty fluid, as people have to arrive and leave the area at different times depending on work schedules, etc.

Garret also mentioned a good point, over in the other thread, about selecting a central, meeting point for each day. Of course that has its own set of requirements, since not every business has the parking room or wants a group this large (20-30 vehicles) gathering for an hour or so each morning to organize, plan, and just "kick tire"!
A market , at least nearby, for last minute trail supplies, ( ice, drinks, munchies, sunbloc etc.) is very useful too.
Hopefully Rick and you guys (are you prerunning too?) will spot something for the meeting loc. too.

You guys probably already know all of the above, but perhaps some here on the board who haven't been on many larger organized (or dis- -) runs may not realize just how crazy things can get without some planning, and I just didn't want things to get too jumbled up until we made some decisions.

Anyway, It will all work out, and should be real fun. Deb and I are looking forward to the trip and adding some new faces to the mental scrapbook. Let me know what I can do to help!

Lodging info from my Pre-trip

I just got back from Ouray today. I stayed at the KOA in a tent site. The KOA is very nice. The cabins look nice as well. No problem working on your rigs here. Several people including me were working on our rigs at the KOA. The said they still have alot of openings for Labor Day.

The hotel with the most parking (a place to put your trailers) is the Riverside Inn. This is just on the North end of town and closer to Rotary Park and the KOA. The second choice for parking would be the Best Western Twin Peaks Hotel. It is on the South side and off the main street.

If you have any questions I will try and answer them.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for doing some scouting, not only of trails, but of lodging! That's very important. Most get hung up on which trails they will run, but forget the logistics. I'm more accustomed to organized runs where things happen as a group, rather than everyone acting as their own free agents. Anyhow, You mentioned the Riverside Inn. Is that the same one listed as "Pollys Riverside, 1805 n. Main? sounds like it is How did it appear aside from the parking? I know you "can't judge a book by its cover", but still, hopefully it wasn't a dump. I believe I'll give them a call tomorrow (Sunday) .

The Best Western is good, but since we may be staying in town as many as 6 nights, and the website lists their rates as $100/nite, we will be looking for a cheaper alternative. Will keep the group posted as to what we find out.

Thanks again for the info.

Yes Polly's Riverside Inn is the one. There is a huge gravel parking area just to the North of the Hotel. It looked nice from the outside as well.

Also the Hot Springs is huge. It is just like a minature water park without the slides. It is also a fitness center. The price is $7 if your 18-64, $5 if you are 65+

Riverside Inn

I got info on this place and will post it on the primary run thread. This looks like it could be the place for the moteling bunch.


How long does it take to travel from Albuquerque to Ouray? I think I will be hitting Albuquerque Thursday late afternoon/evening (possibly to pick up my dad at the airport) - I would like to drive to Ouray that night, to wheel all day Friday.


Albuquerque to Ouray - 6 hrs.

Brian mentioned in another post that it was 6 hours. I'm not sure which way he came. In Colorado, coming in from the south, there are two ways: From Durango, 550 north will take you right into Ouray. From Cortez, (don't know hwy#'s)go through Dolores towards Telluride, then left to Placerville, then right to Ridgeway and right to Ouray. If it is equidistant from Albuquerque to both Durango and Cortez, the Cortez route is faster, less curvy, fewer summits.

Thanks - 6 hours - it's going to be a long day!

I don't remember which route I was thinking of, but now I will go the Cortez route (save the windy, scenic roads for 4 wheeling!)

Be sure to check a map to see how far it is to Cortez or Durango. If Cortez is not any further from Albuquerque, then that way will be quicker.
Have a good trip...

Albuquerque to Ouray

Scott, when I went up there I went to Durango then to Ouray. that took 6 hours non-stop. Coming home I went through Dolores and Cortez. It took 5 hours going from Dolores to Albuquerque the "short complicated way". From Ouray to Dolores figure on 1.5 to 2 hours. There is a ton of highway construction in NM on the way. I'd say 4 hours of non-stop construction.

[Edited by Brian1 on 07-10-2000 at 09:32 PM]

Was the construction only on the route south of Cortez and not south of Durango? If so, I'm sure the Durango route would be quicker.
Scott, the Durango way looks better as the crow flies and Cortez is a bit farther west coming from Albuquerque.
The thing about the Durango way is it is very curvy and goes over three different passes,(Molas, Coal Bank, and Red Mountain). There are many long sections where the speed limit is 45 or less.
The Cortez route, is also a drive through the mountains but it opens up more. A few curvy spots but mostly 55-65 mph. It goes over one pass; Lizard Head, and a little pass we call Dallas Divide just out of Ridgeway.
Either will get you there this time of year. Red Mountain is often closed in the winter due to avalanches.

Ouray Lodging pics...

Here are the pics I took of some of the motels and campgrounds in Ouray.

I agree, Polly's Riverside looks like a nice place, with the aforementioned big gravel lot. And the KOA, we've all seen on their website, it's nice. IMHO, Red Mountain Inn is a dump and Timber Ridge is more an RV lot and a bit messy. Other than that, basic "clean and comfortable" criteria seems to apply.

Sorry it took soooo long to get these posted.


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Ridgeway - Telluride Super 8 Lodge!

Wabbit and All,

I just booked a room for 5 nites, (8/31 thru 9/4) at the Super 8 in ridgeway. The rate with AAA discount was $72/ nite.

They have some rooms left but advised that they were going fast. I mentioned that we might be meeting friends, (after the Polly's Riverside told me that they don't do GROUPS anymore...too many bad experiences. Gerald was right, Polly wants $100+ for her place! :( Sooo, you feller motellers should get on the horn pronto, and I think Ridgeway is a good compromise location. BTW they (S-8) have a 48 hr cancellation policy.

The adventure continues.