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Cruise control steering wheel switch replacement

I replaced my switches with a new set of motorcraft switches.

I actually ordered an OEM gas cap for $20 but they sent me the $80 switches!

I messed up the existing wiring harness when was pulling the connector out of the old switch. The wires just came loose.

So I knew I wasnt going to do all that hard work to re-route the new harness so I was able to retrofit the new harness with out it getting pinched.

So it is possible to do it the "easy" way if you screw up the wiring harness.

This truck wont see the highway hardly ever so I guess it doesnt matter to me even if the harness does get pinched somehow. After all, there seems to be a larger gap between the airbag piece and wheel....,But man did I get pissed when the wires ripped right out of the connector.

These were clearly not meant to be replaced, Ford shouldnt have used rubber buttons. Hard plastic would have been far better.