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Damping vibrations


June 13, 2019
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1993 Explorer XLT 4WD
Recently joined the modified club with a Skyjacker 2" lift kit, new wheels, and larger AT tires on my '93 XLT.
Most everything is good, but when we hit around 60 mph on the highway there's a vibration up to around 65 mph. Doesn't matter which gear we're in. Reducing the front tire pressure seemed to help a bit, but it's still ther.

Any ideas on what might be going on or how to fix this? Would steering stabilizers help?


Check the wheel bearings, 90% of the snouts I've seen are wore out on the bottom outer bearing surface. Causes wheel bearing vibration.

rotate tires front to back, does it change?

I find most vibrations between 60-75 mph are due to poor tire balance.

Do you have auto hubs or manual?
Steering stabilizers are a band aid, they do not cure vibrations.

Thanks guys. Maybe it is wheel balance.

I drove the truck on the original wheels/tires after the lift and did not notice vibration. Does that rule out the wheel bearings?

The new wheels and tires supposedly came pre-balanced, but maybe they didn't do it well. Will try tire rotation and maybe get them rebalanced.

And they are auto hubs on the front. Does that make a difference?