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Don't take your buddies word for it..

Blake A

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November 9, 2010
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Florence, Alabama / Searcy, Arkansas
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2001 Sport Trac 4x4
So "bro night" with two of my buddies ran into a little of trouble when my truck got high centered on some hidden ruts. My idle spun my tires at times from being so far off the ground.

The ride started without a hitch by avoiding a huge mud hole at the entrance of a trail and going around it where smaller trucks had made a path. After crawling through to the end of the trail we turned around to leave. When we got back to the mud hole i asked my bud in the passenger seat if he thought i could make it through the shallow side of the hole since he had been through it in his jeep about a year ago, he said yep so without hesitating i drove into the mud. The second my back tires left solid ground i stopped moving.

It ended up taking three jeeps, two winches, and five hours to free my truck from the muck. Oh and by the time we freed my truck the mud had begun to freeze over. Not the most fun night but it was a lesson learned and another memory made between friends. After cleaning up and running around town it doesn't seem anything has torn up on the truck. Lucky me! :D

After looking everything over the ruts had to have been made by something with at least 38'' to tear it up since my friend had been there with his 31''




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Hahaha i JUST noticed the "NO MUDDY 4 WHEELERS" sign in the second picture. Gotta love it.

Don't worry, you were washing a truck, not a 4 wheeler, LOL.

Man, you have bad luck with getting stuck, don't you. I just seen your truck in the "whoops" section the other day.

It should've sent up a red flag when your buddy said the last time he went through there was a year ago, lol. You lucked out that your drivetrain didn't take on water. You may want to take it easy on the mud bogging though, it killed my hub bearings by the mud and dirt getting in there and drying up all the grease. Axle shaft seals and front diff pinion seal were destroyed by it too. get expensive after a while.

Stay safe out there and always go wheelin' with another vehicle.

Ha believe it or not that other picture is actually the only other time I've been stuck in mud with the trac, and that was with my old All-Terrains.
I sprayed off my suspension as well as i could at that car wash and finished cleaning it today. I usually try to stay away from any deep mud for exactly that reason. I like rocky trails better anyways. I get everything re-greased every time i go in for a tire rotation also.

If there is a way to get around mud, I take it almost every time. Sometimes the little kid in me just wants to jump in the puddle, though.

the only parts i hate about mud are getting stuck and cleaning it off.. otherwise it's a blast! :)
i even think the truck looks better dirty..

See that's my problem! The little kid in me wants to play in the mud and the big kid says "hey i have a truck for this!"


Kinda opposite deal my wife pulled on me in her Bronco II. The ground was frozen and she took a little excursion while I was at work. She stayed on solid, aka frozen, ground going in but it had thawed by the time she came out ... slid right into the ruts high centered all to heck. Tried pulling her on through with the Nissan/winch I had then but nooooooo. Finally got around her and pulled her out backwards. Her Bronco II looked as covered as yours did CityBoy.:( Made her promise not to go back. Want to guess what happened the next day?:rant::rant:


the mud machine. I can't wait till i paint her mat coyote tan :D

Haha, Dan, i was thinking the same thing.. considering painting the trac a sand/tan color. or desert cammo :)

I've been thinking about painting mine the sama color for awhile now, it needs repainted anyway.

I did a mock up paintjob a couple years back,lol...


i want it that color minus the chunks lol

OK here is a sample color... please forgive the poor photoshop.. just a quick and dirty sample.

From this:

To This

And This

That looks sick! Go Gold!!!


Matt, I'm really wanting to cammo mine in the matt tan like you chopped. Been rolling the idea around in my head since I bought the Trac back in '06.

it just went from 6 to 12

Haha, Dan, i was thinking the same thing.. considering painting the trac a sand/tan color. or desert cammo :)

Digital camo would look cool also.