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taking your truck to river


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March 4, 2010
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San Juan Puerto Rico
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Sport Track 02
Hello everyone: well am not planing on doing that "yet" but i was in a sea salt mud and went back home with lot of mud inside the hood so i went to the car wash to clean that up, when i finish my truck dint start, what could it be that i get all wet and when it start up it was making weird and rumbling movement the engine and when i hit the gas was like if it was choked or something. any help any comment welcome.

I saw John's truck had deep in water and got like, what i was just cleaning that up.

Sorry if my description is not that good.

You likely got the ignition wet, possibly even the intake system, and maybe even the alternator. Generally it's best not to get most of these things wet, but it can be okay if you let them air dry completely.

Leave the hood open in sunny warm weather, or park it in a nice warm garage overnight, and most of the water will evaporate. You might still need to check and make sure the stock air intake tube doesn't have water in the low area, just to be sure it's not choking off air flow.

Intake was fine i did a mood on Cold air Intake and planing on a snorkeler later on, probably was the ignition and alternator.