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Double-din units

jonny 5

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October 25, 2001
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Who's got em? Pics? Where can I find them?

I was originally looking for a single-din unit, the silver and blue Alpine unit, but I'd like larger screen and easy buttons. So double din or din and a half it shall be.

Troll, what do you have in your explorer?

Any suggestions, opinions, comments, are welcome

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I haven't heard many double din units, but you can find them competetively priced at and There's a ton of places online that sell car audio, just shop around. is also a decent price comparison site. I would recommend looking into Alpine, Eclipse, Clarion, Nakamichi, Blaupunkt, and Pioneer Premier for a nice head unit. I'm not sure if all of those companies make double din units, but look around. If I had to recommend just one dd head unit, it would be the Clarion ADZ625, which you can find on crutchfield.

Also, when do 2003 units start rolling out?

g'day jonny 5

i just put an alpine head unit in my explorer, they really go off man, i had a look at the double dins, and really diddn't do much for me.

i personlly reckon the alpine have evolved very nicely compared to whats about, all though my system is not an F1 STATUS its sounds cool still:D

if i had a digital camera i could take a snap of what we done, we used a pocket that was in a mazda 323-121 (like i said in another post i don't know if they are named that in the states) all you have to do is cut the top of the pocket, and the cut is hidden by the face suround panel, you have to do this because the din size is not really 2 hu's.
looks sweet man...:rolleyes:

do a search, youll find what you need.