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easy lift.


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November 26, 2000
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Olympia Washington
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2000 ranger XLT off road
I have a 91 xlt 5speed. I was wondering if is possible to raise the rear with shackles. Because i noticed the front of the springs had no shackles like the back. I was thinking of doing this or add a leaves for 1-2 inches rear and 1" coil spacers in front with a 2 inch body lift for a~ 3 inch lift. any one have a combo like this? Do body lift kits come with bumper raising brackets, and will my shifter be shorter?


There are no vehicles that have shackles at both ends of a leaf spring. If they had them at both ends, the axle could move back and forth under the vehicle. You can purchase the Warrior Shackles from just about any 4X4 store and expect to gain about 1.5-2 inches of lift. Each Warrior Shackle replaces the factory shackle at the rear of the leaf spring. You can find information on these shackles by doing a search on them. As far as the body lift goes, a lot of people seem to have steering problems if they go with the 3 inch lift. I installed a 2 inch on my 98 Eddie Bauer and it rides great. The bumper brackets come in the kit, although you may have to do a little fabrication on them. Hope this is helpful.

2" body works great..I wating on my skyjacker 2" lift now..Keep you posted..