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Electric window problem


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September 11, 2008
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Orange, California
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1992 Explorer XLT
I have a 94 Explorer with an electric window problem. The drivers side window will not go down. When the window switch is depressed I can hear a faint click inside the door but the window does not move and I cannot force it down when the switch is depressed. Does this sound like a bad motor or is there some kind of relay that may be bad?

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I have a 92 and my drivers wont even click. Just nothing! Thinking it's the switch.

If it's the motor, they aren't that hard to replace right?

I don't even know where to find a new motor for one? Not on ebay.

I had a similar problem on both of my 92 sport's windows. I had to push them down and pull them up while pressing the button. I used THIS THREAD to help me fix them. Now they work like new.

Thanks for the link. It looks like I will be tearing in to the door this week.

94 ford explorer 1994 relay module f2db-14b118-ab "little black box with connector grouping "

im looking for a pick of how this thing is mounted in my 94 drivers door It just hangs there with a bracket attached after removing the panal I originally thought it was the connector for the brain in a not very convenient access ..............I guess its the power window relay for the system there is some epitaph regarding a modification to have this bypassed a certin way for a 1 push all the way down mod but I wouldn't

ive heard on another thread that this makes a click sound (that's what relays do ) im not postitive its your problem but motors don't click.......... when the resistance isn't right for the job some sophistication in the relay may disengage the motor............. follow the automatic window repair guide ..................... anyone have a pic of where this bracket is mounted inside the door panal ?