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Explorer 2006 Considerable Jerk at Reverse Gear


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November 29, 2010
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2006 Eddie Bauer
Dear all,

First of all thanks in advance for cooperation. I have 2006 explorer and I am experiencing very heavy jerk while I put the reverse gear during first use in morning. Rest of the day, sometimes it continues same while sometimes normal. I feel also the gear especially at lower speed seems to be slipped while slowing down the speed like shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd gear etc.
One of the Mechanic I have shown has suggested to change the gear/transmission oil with filter and to clean some of the sensors in the transmission. I did all these but the problem is still there. I will appreciate if somebody really help me in this. I am very upset about this. Thanks.

First question:

v6 or v8 ?

But regardless, it sounds like valve body, but only good tranny shop with good diagnostic tools will detect what the issue is.

I've experienced something like this too. Not sure if your symptoms are like mine, but for example, a 3-point turn. When I put the truck into reverse too quickly, the tranny seems to "search" for about half a second, then jerk into reverse. During that half second, it seems like it's in neutral, even though the shifter is definitely in the reverse position. What I've done, is to make sure I've stopped completely for about 1 second before shifting. So, if I'm reversiing out of my driveway, at the end of my reverse, I stop and wait one second before shifting into drive. Then vise versa, if I'm making a 3-point turn, I pull forward, stop and wait a second, then shift into reverse.

I can't say for certain about the 2006, but I know my 2007 automatically downshifts during deceleration/braking...so that slipping that you think you are feeling, maybe is just the tranny auto-downshifting from 3rd to 2nd for example??

This is a known TSB problem. Mine does it too. It is one of those things that isn't particularly bad per say but isn't good either. The best things to do are.

Stop fully before shifting. Use your parking brake on hills so there isn't strain on the parking gear when shifting into reverse. Finally, don't use reverse (kidding)

Mine did it (and still does from time to time) but has reduced after i put in new fluid (full flush at the dealer) and also unhooked the battery terminals to reset the trans learning program.

Good luck