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explorer manual transmission trouble

April 12, 2011
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pinckney, MI
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94 ford explorer sport
hi i have 94 ford explorer sport 4x4 with a 5 speed and having a trans problem when i shift into 3rd it always grinds but all the other gears shift fine the miles on it are 233000 miles. i think it is the Synchronizers for the gear sorry i cant spell very good

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It's likely the 2nd-3rd syncros as you say, but it's pretty rare for those to be the ones to go, usually it's the 1st-2nd that goes, or sometimes reverse as well. Could be forks, too.

If it's slightly tricky to shift into other gears as well, or downshifting to lower gears is an issue, it might just be the clutch master or slave cylinder going. In any case if you're going to drop the transmission for a rebuild or syncro replacement, it'd be worth your while to replace the slave cylinder while you're in there, and inspect the clutch and pressure plate for possible replacement as well. Anything transmission related is best done while it's already out, rather than trying to save a buck by getting whatever life is left out of it.

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reply to Anime: when i bought the truck the guy just put a new clutch in it cause he blew up the old one and the clutch i don't think was bleed correctly when you idle and engage the clutch it don't happen until half way up from the floor or it could be the master or slave cylinder for the clutch is going. it just 3rd that i grind upshifting and downshifting.

When mine broke, it was third gear. The sycronicers on both sides and the third gear had to be replaced. The gear cracked on the inside near the shaft.

Just because it has a new clutch doesn't mean it has a new slave cylinder. It could still be the old slave going out, a rush clutch job, or still just an internal tranny issue with the syncros/forks.

You'll have to decide if you want to try just replacing the master first, or dropping the tranny for a new slave and to check the clutch, or just spring for a rebuild or have whatever needs replacing taken care of.

Doing a real good job bleeding the clutch first would definitely be on the list of stuff to try before the other stuff though.