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External Oil Leak from Head?

Take this as bible & verse: Every gasket that you put on this OHV engine should be the genuine OEM German made gaskets.

MAHLE was the OEM Manufacturer.

I've seen the real deal German oil pan gaskets (FORD part numbered) on Ebay from a guy in TX for around $30 shipped -

PM SENT to your INBOX with (2) Examples from Ebay

I'll look at ordering one of those two examples you messaged me. I certainly do not want to remove the oil pan again.

For $25 more, go for Option 1 - the full bottom kit (H20 Pump, Green Timing Chain Cover Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket, yada, yada, yada, etc...) - you'll thank me later as these OEM parts dry up...


Got the seal kit in today. I ordered the other oil pan gasket as well just to have. These seals are from 1998 but look pretty equivalent to the newer oil pan gasket and rear main seal I had so I'm hoping they'll do the job just fine. My X is a 98 so I suppose it's only fitting.