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Factory Sub Enclosure Disassembly


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October 24, 2002
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'95 Eddie Bauer
OK, I'm new to the forum, but I'm hoping that someone out there has more of a clue than I do. I just bought a Rockford Fosgate 8" sub to replace the puny 6.5" in the back of my '95 Eddie Bauer, and I've removed the entire back panel, dismounted both amps and removed the black panel that has the sub enclosure attached to it, but I've hit a brick wall: the enclosure seems to be sealed with some kind of permanent epoxy, which makes it a bit...um...impossible for me to take out my existing sub. Does anyone have any idea how to take this thing apart, and, if so, what kind of mods I need to make to the enclosure to wedge this 8" in there? I read in another forum that an 8" can be put into the stock enclosure with some modification. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

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The 6.5 should screw right out. I don't think you'll fit an 8"er in there though. I am running a 6.5" Bazooka in my factory box and it sounds suprisingly good... Maybe you should try that !

Yes, I actually realized the extent of my stupidity when a friend showed me the screws under the foam ring.

I did actually put an 8" sub in there (Rockford Fosgate Punch Z). I did have to mod the box, however. It just took a Dremel (or similar) rotary tool and about 15 minutes. I used the small, semi-sharp grinder head to cut out the center portion that juts out inside the box and cut off the ring that the old sub screwed into. After that, I just wired up the new sub, dropped it in, and screwed it into the outer portion of the box. Sounds great now!

Cool, I didn't know you could fit an 8" in there. As soon as I get enough bones to do so, I am going to have two 12"s custom mounted in my tailgate.. Talk about boom....

Now that sounds like a cool idea, though I would think you would have to completely replace the interior panel with a custom fabricated job in order to get enough cubic footage to keep those 12's from sounding like two old blown Fisher's. Have you already made plans and designs for this, or is this just an idea you had?

Someone else on the message board has already done this with two MTX units. It looks awesome and he said they don't vibrate.
Heres a link with a pic:

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If I do this, I will carpet the tailgate with original carpet matching my tan interior.


Could you post a link to the thread? I'm kind of interested in doing this, depending on a few variables.

factory replacement

What impedance sub did you use ? I have thought about doing the same thing, but didn't know what impedance sub to order to replace the factory one with...

It's an 8ohm Rockford Fosgate Punch Z 8" sub.

So Adam...how much better is the new sub?? I'm thinking of doing that because my sub is farting big time. Thanks.

It's not the quality I WANT out of a sub (that will have to wait for a custom enclosure in the liftgate), but it is definitely better than the POS 6.5" that was in there, and the mods are very simple.

Cool! I have a question. The factory sub gives you a very nice melodic bass that I love and I know a lot of aftermarket subs just bump. So here's my question, does your sub bump more than bass or a combination of both, like the factory ones?

It has a good carry over of the bass-line in songs (the melodic part) but doesn't have quite the 'bump' of other, better amped and bigger sub's.

I have the aftermarket sub with all the stuff if anyone wants it. make an offer. Ill pull everything out including the grill, amp, and wires, I also have the JBL headunit and door speakers if you want those too. I just got the pouch that replaces it at a junkyard.
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