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Feature Truck 10-19-04 Sk1er17's 98 Sport

Jeez ive been on this site forever and decided to do a little exploring tonight in the "un clicked" parts- I never knew there was actually an Elite Explorer Registry... so I figured Id put in my thread for those of you who dont know me.

Im 20 years old (well will be on March 29, 2004; close enough). Currently an auto technician at STS in central NJ. Also a full time Mechanical Engineering student at Rutgers University. Graduate in 2006!

This explorer was my first car. By the time i had my car for about a year, i had done all the "cosmetic" stuff to it basically because in small steps its cheap and easy.
No need to add a long list of items to this thread- you can see pretty much everything in the picture:

Next I started feeling ambitious. My truck really needed to start fullfilling the name "truck". So I installed 4 door leaf springs, WAR153 Shackles and did a Torsion Twist up front. It was alright, but not quite enough..

You could tell it was lifted while comparing it to other explorers, but it "felt" like a stock explorer while i was driving it. And being by then I had discovered some new places to offroad, my thirst for a 4x4 monster convinced me to take the plunge. My initial plan was to sell it, and buy a Sport Trac. I actually had a buyer for $10K but i backed out and realized with what i owed on it, id be paying off a stock sport track for 5 more years.. So instead I went into a little debt and bought a 2" body lift, 32" tires, (my girl got me the rims for xmas :D ).

I did the body lift by myself! Took 27 straight hours (some of you might remember seeing a thread in the middle of the night when i needed help) But either way it got done, I got my tires, did a few minor mods and whalaaaa:

Ive been tweaking it ever since!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Well, i blew that list of "mods away".. just look!... And Arnie- I think i am now Un-Surpassed! :D




Those would be Perry's Fiberglass Fenders. 33x12.50x15 Xterrains.
Eventually im going to get the fenders painted to match and have the whole truck sprayed to get rid of a lot of my scratches... but not anytime soon due to $$$
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Done Editing!

Now for a few of my own touches:

My Bracket to mod the brush guard to fit my BL:

Havent made a skid plate YET. So i installed this steel to protect my tranny cooloer lines:

Theres PLENTY of off-road shots in my photo album. Not to mention some GREAT ones of me stuck as hell!

SO CHECK IT OUT!! :bounce: :bounce:

And finally; Some mods that arent as obvious from the pictures:

- Flowmaster 50 Series w/2.5" pipe bent back
- Upgraded to Bosh +2 and Jacobs wires
- K&N filter and Cut out the front of my Air Box
- i have 4.10 gear stock .. na na na na na :p
- Throttle Cable $0.05 mod
- Extended all breather lines for water protection
- working on gettin an APTEN chip.. had one but went back cause my EEC needs to be flashed.

BTW: my goal is to OUT- WHEEL LIZARD... someday..... a very very long time from now.... but someday :burnout:

Update: 2 Recent pics from April 04.

Can't forgets some interiors:
Anyone lookin for some waterproof/ sweet seat covers.. look no further! X-Bound seat covers. $20 each from wal-mart or $55 after shipping online. No reason to spend $300 for fancy ones. My dad thought i had my seats re-done at first! PM me if you have any questions..

And just another shot to show my control panel :smoke:

Cant forget about the all important OBA:
I have a 2.5 gallon tank and 200H compressor. Fills all 4 33's from 0-35 in roughly 10 minutes.

On Friday, July 30 I hydrolocked my engine for the SECOND TIME!....
So i got ambitious and this is what came out :D





Someone Got 35's....
Let the pictures speak for themselves :D




To Answer some questions:

1) 35x12.50x15 BFG AT's
2) 15x10 rock crawlers with 3.75" backspacing
3) No Rubbing
4) Will rub if i flex a lot (but only in the rear and that can be taken care of)
5) 4:10's seem to be a good gear for em so far.. no doggin
6) yea, the 33" xterrains are for sale so buy them!


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May 2, 2004
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410Fortune said:
Nice truck :) get a rear locker and start saving for the SAS :)

Or you could build a hell of a IFS setup like the dessert guys do (custom upper and lower arms, coilovers, etc..) and continue to be different......www.dezertrangers.com
Read the link that he posted above your post :( :( :(