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First Gen Parts

All these parts are removed from either 91 and 93 Explorers. Both 2 door, 5 speed, 4.0L etc. These are local pickup only unless it says otherwise. Need this stuff gone! Thanks!

-93 tilt steering column with steering wheel (worn out wheel), ignition and key $50 obo

-93 radiator, original one I think, 5 speed/4.0 $30 obo

-93 A/C condenser $30 obo

-93 grey dash board assembly $50 obo

-93 fuel filler door and plastic filler mount $25 shipped

-91 spare tire winch $20 shipped

-93 Explorer title, pretty much scrapped what was left of the truck, don't have a use for this but maybe someone else does????? Make offer

-93 2 door rear seat belt buckles (the female part that bolts to floor between the 2 seats) $30 shipped

-93 Explorer steering box, can include a stock pitman arm too $30 obo

-91 Explorer grey rear seats for 2 door $10 for pair

I'm sure I got some more stuff piled in the garage so I'll add more as I find stuff/pull it off. Send me a pm or post here if interested in stuff and I'll give you my paypal address. Thanks!!
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Anyone want this stuff before I put it on ebay?

I'd be interested in the black rear bumper, however I'd need it shipped to TN. 37042 is zip. Let me know if this is possible, and is it in GC or better? Pic if poss.

I really don't wanna deal with shipping this thing. I can't even imagine how much that would cost and it would be a pain to pack this thing.

I am interested in your steering box, although i am in wyoming.
Let me know if you are interested.

Well the local u pull yard is almost $40 and an hour drive for the bumper, so if it was less than 40 shipped I'd be interested.

It's up to you, I'm just sayin I'm interested. And you shouldn't have to wrap it. I'd check with ups or fed ex by calling and see what the prices are.

Sold the bumper and fuel tank.