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freeze plug


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February 26, 2015
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1994 ford Explorer
Had a freeze plug rust out yesterday. It is on the driver's side front. The question is: Do all of the freeze plugs rust out or just the front? It seems like everyone has the same front one rusting away. I will take pics as I try to fix it without taking the motor out. I was just wondering if I should change them all or just the one that is bad? Or, do I just need to inspect the the others to make sure they are bad? The anti freeze looks like it has never been changed at 200,000 miles. The truck is for a new, young driver and I don't want to have him overheat the motor.

Thanks for the great forum.


They're actually not freeze plugs, they're core plugs. They should all be about the same really. Here's mine that I replaced when I yanked the engine: Removal/P1020185.JPG

There's more than that but I stupidly somehow overlooked the ones on the front & back of the head.

Take note, mine weren't rusted, they were just corroded. I could have actually left them in but I figured it was good preventative maintenance. Don't do all of yours, you won't be able to get at the front passenger side one without jacking up the engine and working through the inner fender at a very minimum.