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FROADER's 1991 - Edward Bauer III

I'm confused.... it's not white....😋

We sell a bunch of 6112's for these. Looks nice.

Believe me, I tried to find a white one... :)

There is a white one for sale, but they are asking way too much, and wouldn't budge on it.

I was lucky to find this one that basically done, so I don't have to wait the crazy lead times to get parts if I were to buy a stock one and "build" it myself. I may change out the front bumper to one I like a little more, but this will definitely work for now.

It's got Total Chaos UCAs, 2.5" Radflo Coilovers up front and 2" Radflo shock and Toytech springs in the rear for about a 2.5-3" lift.

Overlanding Bro!! :D

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Do you still have the van? I thought that would make a great overlanding rig.

It is very much what the overlanders use, but it’s just as capable as the Explorer I have. That’s also basically what I was going to be using the explorer for.

I do still have the van, and I’m keeping it, unless I find myself not using it anymore at all.