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from 4" coils to 6" need some help


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June 17, 2004
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91 explorer xlt
im getting ready to start ordering parts for my winter project, which is a 7.5" susp. lift, right now i have a 4" rough country kit

im going to be getting 6" skyjacker coils, and skyjacker 6" pivot drop bracket, and longer shocks

would i need a bigger pitman arm, and different radius drop brackets?

i will be getting the 7.5 with 6" coils and 1.5" f150 spacers

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Yes, without the radius arms being dropped further, your coils will bow forward, also it will throw off the alignment as your vetical centerline will also be leaning forward (top). The pitman arm may work, but might bind at full droop.

4" drop pitman is required with 6" coils.
6" lift with 6" axle pivot brackets will require 6" radius arm drop brackets, or better yet, extended radius arms.

Without the extended radius arms you are not improving the suspension articulation anyways, just lifting the truck.

is the pitman arm that came with my 4" lift kit small than 4" also, do you know where extended raduis arms for a 6" lift are cheaper than $550, because if thats all the cheaper they go ill just get 6" drop brackets

which one would cause, less driveablitly, more body roll, and feeling top heavy

a 7" suspenion lift with a 1.5" body lift with the rear sway bar only
adding a 3" body lift to my 5.5" susp. lift with thicker front/rear sway bars

if i was in your shoes, id use 1.5" coil spacers with a 3" body lift along with your rough country. also, ditch your spring in the rear, for the stockones and do an soa, that is by far your cheapest option. you most likley will need longer shocks in the front, stock ones in the rear will work. Also, brake lines will omst likley been needed, and possible different radium arm drop brackets. But you will be able to sell your rough country leafs and shocks if you do you SOA, you can reuse the rear brakes lines, tho they may be a lil long. Really you can do all this for very little work, but its all up to you. Thats what i would do.

i already have 1.5 f150 spacers and a soa, thats how i have 5.5" of lift

I just got some 8 " ranger coils (skyjacker)and ill be doing same as you, just looking for brackets and stuff :thumbsup:

are you gonna run extended radius arms?

I have the Superlift kit. It is actually a 5.5" coil to match the 5.5" SOA. I have them plus the F150 coil seats. That gives a total of 7" of suspension lift. I added a 1" body lift to make it 8" overall. It allows me to fit 35 on my 93 Sport with 15x8" rims with 3.75" backspacing.

You might be able to run the 6" coils without getting any drop brackets, however it depends on where you camber shim adjustment is at currently.

When you added the F-150 spring seats with your RC lift did the max shims get installed? 2.75 degree.

Now if you plan to run 6" coils with the F-150 spring seats, then you will need taller drop brackets for both the radius arms and the axle pivot brackets.
That sucker is going to be scary to drive IMO, you are far better off waiting and getting extended radius arms, and improving the steering geometry, with just a pitman arm (4 or 6" drop) the bump steer = SUCKS.

the chamber is maxed out