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Skyjacker 6"


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June 27, 2005
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Souderton, PA
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1992 XLT
After doing some searching, only after i bought my 5.5" superlift, i tracked down skyjacker parts, possibly a full 6" kit for explorers. So far i know that there are extended radius arms, radius arm drop brackets, and coils all for the skyjacer 6" kit. Im gettin more information from the company as to if the 6" kit listed is skyjacer and all and ill update when i know.

Extended Radius Arms

6" Coils

Radius Arm Drop Brackets


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the only other thing u would need would be the 6 inch axle drop down brackets and u wouldnt need both the radius arm drop brackets and the extended arms only one of them


You can still by the 83-97 ranger Class II kit. Its identical to the explorer kit, except for the rear... ranger lift comes with blocks. Explorer you just do an SOA.

i saw it advertized for 1097.00 in Off Road Adventures. Thats the cheapest i've found it.. .even on the web.

So what are you planning to do with the superlift if you buy the skyjacker stuff? The skyjacker springs are better than the superlift springs, i find that they ride alot softer than the superlift springs. The skyjacker axle drop brackets are apparently alot stronger too, unless you Mod the superlift brackets and strengthen them up.

im gonna reinforce the brackets, maybe upgarde the coils later, if i feel the need too but for now im gonna keep the superlift.

are u going to keep the body lift on after u get the suspension lift on, if u are than u should be able to fit some pretty big meats under there :thumbsup: