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Going through gas at an alarming rate


February 12, 2015
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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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2004 Ford Explorer
Within the last week, I've been going through gas like crazy.

Fuel economy was okay after fixing my air intake problem that I was having in my last thread.

Recently I changed the air filter, spark plugs, cleaned my throttle body and MAF sensor. Added seafoam to my gas tank 3 weeks ago.

This week, I've been going through a ridiculous amount of gas. The best way I can describe this, is that normally my "Miles to E" is pretty spot on. My job is an 18 mile round trip, and normally it reflects that with 9-10 miles off each time to and from work. After work tonight, I payed more attention closely as I'm driving, and notice that I'm losing 2-3 miles for every mile driven. Before I got gas, my "Miles to E" went from 49 to 25 almost round trip before I got to the gas station, which was 4 miles from home. So basically I had "driven" almost 25-30 miles when it's only been 18 miles. The message center is telling me that I'm getting 15-16 MPG, so I don't see why this isn't reflecting in my "Miles to E". While I didn't pay too much attention to my odometer, it definitely wasn't flipping through numbers like the M/E was.

If it helps, I did put seafoam in my gas tank, which was almost 3 weeks ago. I'm not due for a new fuel filter for another 1000 miles, but I'll probably change that sometime this week. It runs fine, no CEL in sight and I don't see leaks anywhere.

I'm not reading your math/statement clearly. You need to divide your miles driven by gallons used to determine your MPG's.
Obviously start with a full tank of gas.

Unless you are saying that you drive "10" miles/day physically but the odometer/tripometer is saying "20."

Your miles to empty is all based on averages. If your sending unit is having issues it could be reading badly.
Also, having disconnected your battery for the previous repairs, it may be that it just needs more time to 'learn.'

Sorry about that. To give a better figure, I lose 5 gallons for every 30-50 miles driven. After Friday I stopped filling up the tank and only put 5 gallons in every fill up to get a better picture at how much gas I'm using.

I reset the ECM multiple times after those repairs/cleanings. The last time I reset the ECM, I had to be at work, so I didn't have enough time to go through the idling procedures, shifting through gears, etc.

Every time you reset the ECM it has to relearn everything. The longest learning is the fuel trims.