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Road Trip


November 22, 2005
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I am going on a road trip in 2 weeks and was wondering how my 2002 XLS 4.0L will do on the trip. I have had it since the middle of november and the furthest I have driven it was to work and back which is about 55 miles round trip. I am getting around 350-400 miles on a tank of gas and that is in stop and go traffic. I was wondering if the gas mileage will be any better.

Just check for puddles of oil under the rear end when you stop. Make sure your tires are pumped up good, drive sensible and you should get 23 mpg or better on the highway if it's a 2wd.

Much better on the HIghway

I have a 2004 XLT 4X4 with the 4.0L V6, We average 21 to 24 MPG on our trips of 400 to 600 miles. I have been very impressed with the 4.0L especially on steep inclines.

Just general stuff. Check the fluids, air pressure. Its new enough, it will be just fine. I've done long trips with my 2000 with no problems.

Don't forget to check the spare too ;)