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GPS Antenna Mounting Location


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August 12, 2009
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Bel Air, Maryland
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2006 Eddie Bauer
I am trying to upgrade my 06 EB to a Nav radio. Wondering if anyone could post a picture of the factory mounting location for GPS antenna. I have seen some posts that say that it mounts over top of the instrument cluster, but I can't seem to find any holes that match up to the holes in the GPS antenna bracket.

I recently upgraded mine to a nav. I have an '08 and my GPS antenna actually replaces the Sirius that's already on the roof. The new antenna is for both GPS and Sirius.

I have an '02 XLT. I just ran the nav antenna up behind the glovebox, through the vent and placed it in the passenger's corner dash. It's out of sight enough for me.

Did you ever find the proper 'factory' mounting place for the GPS antenna?