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Harness question, need help fast!


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October 15, 2000
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94 XLT 4 door
Got my wiring harness from crutchfield and I need some help fast. On the cruthfield harness, the red wire is +12 Volt power, and the yellow wire says +12 volt memory. On my Premier 730 wiring harness it says Acc for the red wire, and +battery for the yellow wire. Do I hook both of the wires up? Or just one? and should I hook the +12volt memory to the red acc? I'm confused.

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I just installed a new Pioneer and had the same issue. You need to hook up both wires or you will lose your presets, etc. every time you turn off your X. On my harness the red and yellow wires were also reversed color-to-function. I wired them as indicated, i.e. battery to battery and accessory to accessory (even though I was connecting red to yellow and yellow to red) and everything worked out perfect. On your harness the Crutchfield red wire should be connected to the yellow from the premier and vice-versa. BTW, the accessory wire is the one that sends power when the ignition is off so that you don't lose the pre-sets. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot YetiX! That's a tight name.

Thanks, I just reserved the personalized plate for it!! Have you installed your stereo yet?

yeah, I installed it. I crossed the wires like you said, but I would lose the presets everytime I shut the car off. Looked in the crutchfield manual thing that came with it and it said different stuff than was on the wires. SO I hooked them up color to color and now it turns on when the car turns on, etc. Anyway, without you helping, I would have only connected one wire. Thanks again and my new deck is sweet!

It would be nice if somebody said "this is the way it's gonna be" and that's the way it was!! Glad you were able to straighten it out and get everything working!! I've installed many, many stereos and it seems that 20% of the time or so the wires just aren't what they're supposed to be. Oh well, that's what beer is for!!