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November 11, 2005
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May 12, 2009
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NGS Hickock

I am considering buying an NGS Hickock scan tool to reflash multiple vehicles if necessary but I am a little confused on if I need a separate VCM/VMM etc. Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks

Daniel Porter

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March 1, 2018
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A code is an indicator. That's it. When the computer sees a sensor (input) or a controlled item (output) outside what is set for it's normal parameters, it sets a code for the related item. When you read the diagnostic chart (very few bother) it lists what systems the chart is supposed to diagnose.

When a lean or rich O2 sensor code sets, it's generally because the exhaust is rich or lean. And the O2 sensors are seeing that. But, Autozone will sell people O2 sensors because neither them nor the customer understand trouble code diagnostics. I saw them sell a guy 4 O2 sensors when the only problem was a blown O2 heater fuse. Stupid.

Trouble code diagnostics ain't rocket science. It does take a clear understanding of what happened and why though.
Hello Sparky. It looks to me like you think like myself. These sensors, ECU's, codes are not as sophisticated as we are led to believe. Either heated elements comparing temps or hall effects measuring speed. Figuring out beyond the codes not always easy though. I started out last week with a cam sensor code.Today, I have 12 codes.That says to me that the problem lies in a ground or a common terminal.

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