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Heat works but still get cold air on my feet 03 Explorer

Grant RI

April 21, 2004
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Loganville Ga
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2000 Explorer XLT
Odd problem, searched and didnt find a similar issue, hope someone can help

Car owner complained "no heat" and brought it to me to check out . All vents work as they should when selected, most importantly floor vents blow hot air when selected as they should. Cooling system/heater core AOk no leaks. I assumed owner was just expecting instant heat and not allowing the engine to come to temp.

Then I drove it on a cold day..

Plenty of hot air through the floor vents/dash vents/defrost when selected but my toes freeze! Cant exactly get down there and feel round for air leaks while driving but the toes knows there is some cold in there , I'm hopeful this is a common problem with an easy fix or someone has some insight as to what I should be looking for /at .


Sounds like there is a vent door not opening and just sending cold air in. or there is a rusted out hole under the carpet

Had the same problem in the past, it was the blend door actuator.