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HELP!!! Oil Pressure is Nuts

flat tire

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October 10, 2007
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Ok. Let me start by saying i searched for answers, but didn't find anything.

It is a 97 mountaineer with a v8

It has 180,000 miles, and it has a decent amount of new parts such as timing chain and a few other things, but the problem is the oil pressure.

It will be fine until it gets warm, then the gauge goes crazy when the motor returns to idle, if i rev it up some the oil pressure will be fine. The gauge bounces like crazy.

There is also some lifter noise when the gauge does this, so it is an oil problem, not the gauge......i have it parked right now

I just need to know the causes of this.

oil filter
oil pump
pump screen
or something else?

let me know what you guys think


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January 17, 2001
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1999 XLT
The first thing I would do is hook up a "real" oil pressure gauge and determine what the actual oil pressure measures.

Good luck ....


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November 4, 2005
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Did you take the sending unit off when you replaced the timing chain? The sending unit is a little 1" cylinder on the drivers side of the engine with a barb sticking out of the top and one wire attaches to it.

It sounds like you got an air pocket in behind the sender and you will have to "burp" it. I have the same thing on my motor that I just rebuilt. I need to get in there and do it to mine, it's just a PITA go get to with the front dress on.