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Help!Will any of these rims fit my explorer?

Okay, I have a '99 4.0, 4x4. I really want to avoid using spacers, at least at first, so I need to find wheels that will fit without them, but without rubbing on the ball joint. I have heard it will rub on the sway bar no matter what? is that true? I've been reading about it and I found a set of 17"s that I think will fit, but I'd like to hear someone with more experience confirm that, and I was wondering if there are any 18's that will fit without modification or spacers.

Here are the 17"s:

17x9, 26mm offset, and 6.81" of backspace. Will this work without rubbing or spacers with 245/65/r17 or 255/70/r17 tires??

What about these:

17x9 with 24mm offset and 5.94" backspacing

And these are the 18"s I would like:

18x9, 24mm offset, 5.94" of backspacing.
If the 18's would fit, what size tire would I be looking at to avoid rubbing?


You need to get to at least 0 offset. Really need a negative offset though. The positive stuff you posted won't be good.