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How to hack in a great sounding sub


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March 19, 2008
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01 Explorer 4 door
Hey guys.

Ill start by saying this is my temporary fix for sound. I had the 250 box and sub laying around. I will be making my own box in the not so distant future. When I build a nice one i will make a detailed post about it with dimensions.

So you want some bass......
Step 1 go out and buy a Pioneer shallow mount 10" sub and box
Step 2 cut the up lip of the box off; along with the two top bars
Step 3 take out all the plastic behind the seat.
Step 4 cut out the triangular piece where the flip down "floors" are so the box fits flush with the floors.
Step 5 loosen seat bolts
Step 6 close seat on sub box
step 7 tighten seat hdw back up.

I recommend taking your time with all of this. I am in no way shape or form responsible for you actions with your vehicle.



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December 8, 2007
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2013 PIU
can anyone resize that for me? my network here blocks it when i click on it.